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Tim Tensen

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Tim's Story

Tim is a designer and executive. As COO of Terra Genesis he works with food and beverage, fashion and apparel, and cosmetics and home goods brands, farmers across the planet, academics, and government to test and implement methods for advancing regeneration.


As Co-Founder and Partner with Smallholder Data Services he works to advance data sovereignty for farmers, true-cost accounting in our materials systems, and develop a more cohesive thesis for an agricultural data economy.


As Founding Board Member of Collaborative Earth he is supporting the organizations efforts to democratize science by uniting world-class researchers, frontline community members, pioneering technologists, and business leaders to address core knowledge and technology limitations to successful on-the-ground ecological regeneration.


As Founding Board Member of The Regenerative Apiculture Working Group he is supporting a group of industry leaders to transform the US beekeeping and honey industry to be in alignment with the health of the pollination ecologies from which the honey is sourced.


I enjoy taking on big challenges. I can share with you our successes. Let's connect.

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