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Sustainability Grows Your Business

Resources from sustainability subject matter experts across the supply chain

Our panel of experts at SDS engages with organizations to thoughtfully and impactfully develop systems that uplift farmers in the Global South, provide guidance to measure and improve corporate sustainability initiatives, deliver technical solutions and sustainability advocacy.


This experience brings with it a wealth of knowledge that we will develop and share over time. The first of our documents is a series of research reports.

Research Reports

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SDS received a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation to create seven reports exploring the definition, implementation, verification and scaling of regenerative agriculture as these key issues continue to be shaped at a global level, and to do so with a particular focus on smallholders in the global south.

Case Studies

Coming Soon

We'll be sharing case studies of sustainability initiatives our team has developed with meaningful impact to organizational initiatives and profitability. In the meantime, we're ready to discuss them with you.

What do you need to develop measurable, profitable, sustainable practices?

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