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Grow Through Sustainable Practices

We align sustainability initiatives, organizations, and suppliers for maximum impact and profitability 

Smallholder Data Services (SDS) is a consulting and research firm dedicated to delivering strategies, insights, and designs for solutions that enable a revolution in both sustainable supply chains and regenerative agriculture.


We have determined that data, as a new farm product, can financially reward businesses involved in sustainable production, including smallholders in the global south.


We understand that business and sustainability must become aligned.


This includes (and is not limited to) developing measurable methodologies, incorporating digital and natural assets into business models, and driving a consistent knowledge base across internal disciplines so that sustainability, finance, legal, and marketing teams develop the same understanding of sustainability programs.


Our Vision

A world where agriculture and aquaculture have measurable ecological, social, and economic benefits that result in the most profitable operating norm for producers, businesses, and their communities by 2050. 

Our Mission


Data as a farm product

  • Develop credible, communicable industry-leading standards of measurability
  • Establish ecological and social data as farm products

  • Align all stakeholders in agricultural and aquacultural supply chains to value and use the data

  • Connect every farmer to the data system


Drive mutuality between sustainability and private sector to create successful business models

  • Create an interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability practices and initiatives across tech, finance, legal, science professionals
  • Integrate sustainability metrics with business metrics

  • Incorporate digital and natural assets as a fundamental component of business models across the full spectrum of agricultural and aquacultural supply chains



  • Invent a framework that achieves a social understanding for pricing natural resources, digital assets, and natural assets
  • Develop a consumer media strategy to win hearts and minds, encouraging sustainability practices

  • Provide employees with accessible opportunities to learn about sustainability

Founding Consultants

Our Team

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