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Applying data technology to achieve sustainability.

About Us
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Smallholder Data Services (SDS) is a consulting and research firm exploring how big data and technology innovations are enabling a revolution in both sustainable supply chains and regenerative agriculture. We are reimagining data as a new sustainability product that financially rewards farmers, herders, fisherman, and others involved in sustainable production, including smallholders in the global south. We work with corporations, NGOs, governments, academia, and others to identify how the combination of data products and emerging technology unlock solutions for those concerned with the environmental and social impact of the products and services they market and purchase.

Our Sevices

Our Services

We offer two distinct services, depending on our clients' needs.


Our consulting service helps clients explore their data technology needs and opportunities for achieving sustainability in terms of production, reporting and compliance, supply chain analytics and the seamless integration of the full spectrum of stakeholders from field to market.


Our research service provides both public and private sector clients with analysis, insights and recommendations regarding emerging sustainability methodologies and challenges, with a particular emphasis on the role of data technology.  

Our Research

Our Research

SDS received a grant from The Rockefeller Foundation

to create seven reports exploring the definition, implementation, verification and scaling of regenerative agriculture as these key issues continue to be shaped at a global level, and to do so with a particular focus on smallholders in the global south.

Rockefelle Reports

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